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What separates an ordinary event from an extra-ordinary one?

Outstanding technology that resonates with the brand personality and connects with the audience sentiment!

Right from the start, shobiz has embraced technology across event phases and touch points to streamline operations, gather and analyse information, expand outreach, engage with people and captivate audiences.

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and beyond…

The pandemic demands that we maintain social distance and lock ourselves out of the physical world. We have more free time than ever and are being bombarded with content 24/7. Isn’t it time we break through the clutter and engage with our audience in a meaningful way?

Let’s see the flip side of it all and how Shobiz Digital can help you connect best with people who matter!

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Step into the Virtual World with confidence and ease

Our deep understanding of on-ground events, user journey, digital world and storytelling helps us make the best use of technology to create immersive and impactful virtual brand experiences.

Our work is grounded in 4 solid pillars

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Clutter cutting and brand centric communication that resonates with your audience and drives traffic to your virtual experience

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Optimized and efficient: equipping you with the right tool for the job

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A detailed choreography of every visitor's ideal virtual experience from discovery to experience to advocacy

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Detailed user insights and inferences for informed follow up

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The Shobiz Virtual Powerhouse

Social distancing is the new normal. So why not let the experiences come to you at the comfort of your own location?

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Virtual Experiences Solutions

Create an impact that is meaningful, multi-sensory and goes far beyond the computer screen through our range of virtual platforms:

  • Webinar+
  • Hybrid (onground and green screen) Virtual Experience
  • 2D Ambience Virtual Experience
  • Dynamic 360 Degree Virtual Experience
  • Static and Dynamic Customized Environments
  • Virtual Exhibitions and Booths
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Make Real Connections, Virtually!

Shobiz Digital will curate perfectly harmonized, brand-driven and engaging virtual experiences for your audience.

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